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Run 4 The Rock 2014 - Western Grove

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Race Info

Quick glance at the most important information such as race date and location, as well the race director and how to conact him/her.

  • 5/31/2014 8:00:00 AM
  • Western Grove, AR
  • Contact: Cody Hudson
  • Phone: (870)-688-2994
  • Email: codyhudsonatrockhaven@gmail.com

Registration has closed for this race.

Race Files

Here you can find information such as race results, course map and race photos.

Please join us 5/31/2014 8:00:00 AM for the Run 4 The Rock 2014 - Western Grove.

The race will begin on Gladden Street on the West side of US 65. Parking will be at Western Grove High School.

Prizes will be given for the top 3 runners and top 3 walkers Divisions: 0 - 9, 10 - 14, 15 - 19, 20 - 29, 30 - 49, 50 - 99

For questions or comments contact Cody Hudson at: codyhudsonatrockhaven@gmail.com (870)-688-2994

Register Online or Send Checks to:
Rock Haven Bible Camp
Attention 5K
PO Box 40
Hasty, AR 72640

Proceeds to the run will go to Rock Haven Bible Camp to build an Activity Center on the camp grounds. For more information about Rock Haven: www.rockhavenbiblecamp.org
152 Registered Participants
Makaya BakerHarrisonRunnerRun
Mathew BellHarrisonRunnerRun
Amber BryantClintonRunnerRun
Efren CollierHarrisonRunnerRun
Paige CollierHarrisonRunnerRun
Sandra FarmerComptonWalkerWalk
Carrie JohnsMarshallWalkerWalk
Wyndi PatrieHarrisonRunnerRun
Nathan PopejoyHarrisonRunnerRun
Bryan RaverHarrisonRunnerRun
Billie ReedSt. JoeRunnerRun
Andrew SmithHarrisonRunnerRun
Anna SmithHarrisonRunnerRun
Mary WilsonMarshallWalkerWalk
Nina AcuffEvertonWalker
Colleen AllenClarksvilleRunner
Nate AllenClarksvilleRunner
Hunter BakerWestern GroveRunner
Jessie BakerHarrisonRunner
Kooper BakerWestern GroveRunner
Donna BartlowHastyWalker
Kimmie BartlowHastyWalker
Chrissie BellRunner
Gwen BentonFlippinRunner
Candace BoswellHarrisonRunner
Lacy BrightHarrisonRunner
Cathy BriscoHarrisonWalker
Rick BriscoHarrisonWalker
Jennifer BrooksWestern GroveWalker
Dan BrownWestern GroveWalker
Jj BrownWestern GroveRunner
Karen BrownWestern GroveWalker
Lyndi BusbyWestern GroveWalker
Diana ButlerHarrisonWalker
Heather CampbellWestern GroveWalker
Heather CarterWestern GroveWalker
Hope CarterHarrisonWalker
Shari CartwrightEvertonWalker
Amber ChaneyWestern GroveRunner
Colby ChaneyWestern GroveRunner
Paige ChaneyWestern GroveRunner
Adi ChristianWalker
Wayne ConeHarrisonOther
Jamie CookEvertonRunner
Chelsea CopeWestern GroveRunner
Sarah CorneliusHarrisonRunner
Jeff CorriganWalker
Amanda DavisWestern GroveWalker
David DayWestern GroveWalker
Debbie DayWestern GroveWalker
Hannah DeanWestern GroveRunner
Melissa DossHarrisonRunner
John EddingsWestern GroveWalker
Sheila EddingsWestern GroveWalker
Sue EuingEvertonWalker
Bertha EvansWestern GroveRunner
Brian EvansWestern GroveRunner
Courtney FinRunner
Katrina FiveashWestern GroveRunner
Brad GibsonWestern GroveWalker
Casey GibsonWestern GroveWalker
June GibsonWestern GroveWalker
Neal GibsonWestern GroveWalker
Sarah GibsonWalker
Angela GreenhawWestern GroveWalker
Mark GreenhawWestern GroveWalker
Ben GriceJasperRunner
Katie GriceJasperRunner
Matt GriceJasperRunner
Dalton GrinderEvertonRunner
Derrick GrinderEvertonRunner
Nona GuynnHastyWalker
Penny HallHarrisonWalker
Sheila HealeyHarrisonWalker
Cheryl HensleyRunner
Angela HuddlestonWestern GroveRunner
Darlene HudsonWestern GroveRunner
Huland HudsonWestern GroveRunner
Sheila HurdWestern GroveWalker
Heath JacksonRunner
Anesa JamesConcordWalker
Cathy JonesEvertonWalker
Cody JonesMarble FallsRunner
Judy JonesMarble FallsRunner
Terry JonesWestern GroveWalker
Wiley JonesWestern GroveRunner
Dustin KelleyRunner
Missy KilgoreJasperRunner
Luke LaneRunner
Polly LeimbergWalker
Steven LeimbergRunner
Lois LevesqueWestern GroveRunner
Dana LewisSt. JoeWalker
Hailey LewisWestern GroveRunner
Emily MartinWestern GroveRunner
Karen MartinOmahaRunner
Bryce MasonWestern GroveRunner
Jamie McafeeEvertonRunner
Riley McafeeRunner
Cheryl McdanielWestern GroveWalker
Kathie McdanielWalker
Kenny McdanielWalker
Mikayla McveighClarksvilleRunner
Jodie MeeksRunner
Becky MeltonWalker
Angela MillerWalker
Kevin MosesWestern GroveRunner
Melissa MosesWestern GroveWalker
Sherri PattersonConcordWalker
Kim PembertonRunner
Penny PembertonRunner
Tracy PetreeHarrisonRunner
Jordan PinsonWalker
Matt PinsonRunner
Phil PitmanRunner
Barbra PottorffWestern GroveWalker
Daryld PottorffEvertonRunner
David PoweWalker
Malisa RootEvertonWalker
Wayne RootEvertonWalker
Christie RoseHarrisonWalker
Tony RosenbbergWestern GroveRunner
Kailea RuttRunner
Brad SavageRunner
Cathleen SavageWalker
Stan SavageWalker
Ashlee ScrogginsHarrisonRunner
Beth ShatwellHarrisonWalker
Scott SiscoWestern GroveRunner
Kathy SparksJasperWalker
Wendy StephensWestern GroveWalker
Aniastazia StewartWestern GroveRunner
Samantha StewartWestern GroveRunner
Susan SumersEvertonWalker
Zane SumersEvertonRunner
Danielle TeagueClintonRunner
Mary TeagueClintonWalker
Nathan TeagueClintonRunner
Scott TeagueClintonWalker
Steven TeagueClintonWalker
Hanah TiceWestern GroveRunner
Aron (Trey) TkachukWestern GroveRunner
Hannah TorresWestern GroveRunner
Stephanie WarnetHarrisonWalker
Amanda WheelerHastyWalker
Dawn WhiteWestern GroveRunner
Ray WhiteWestern GroveRunner
Bradly WilliamsRunner
Katelyn WilliamsWestern GroveRunner
Julia WilsonConcordWalker
Brittney WinnWestern GroveRunner
Shannia YorkWestern GroveRunner
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