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  • How do I get the free updates?

    With major updates I typically send a mass email out to every customer letting them know the update is available and what is included. For small patches I typically make an announcement in the Users Group page. You can also check the “last updated” date on the bottom of the software download page.

    To get the update, simply run the installer provided by the “Free Trial” link on the software download page.

  • How many races, athletes, or splits can I time at once?

    There is no limit to the number of splits tracked per athlete, the number of athletes in each race, and the number of races the software can track at the same time. You can also hook up an unlimited number of readers to your computer and the software handles accepting data from all of them at the same time.

  • How many computers can use the software on?

    You’re free to install and use the software on any computer you own. Simply install the software using the “Free Trial” link on the software download page and then email me the Activation Number that appears when you first open the software. If you are using a temporary or trial key, you can delete that key by going to Options and clicking on the “Upgrade Your Software” button on the bottom of the screen. The next time you restart the software you’ll see the Activation Number again.

    If you would like the software installed on laptops belonging to other individuals, individuals that work for your business, you should request 12-month keys for their computers. These keys can be renewed each year as long as I have the approval form the owner of the software. This will help protect you if they decide to split off and take your customers and of course it helps protect me from supporting individuals that never paid for the software.

  • If I purchase the Manual version, how much will it cost if I upgrade later to the RFID version?

    You’ll simply pay the difference, not the full cost of the RFID version.

  • Does the software support team scoring?

    Yes, and it is 2015 TFRRS-XC compliant.

  • Does the software support having split times on the course?

    Yes, you can set up a computer at each split point (make sure system clocks are in sync) and turn the readers on even before the race starts. After the last person has passed by simply copy the small database file to a jump drive (or upload it to a file sharing site) and plug the jump drive into the the finish line computer and use the "Import Split Times" feature after the race is complete.

  • Can the system record the chip start time?

    Yes, for large events I often setup two independent systems on each side of the starting line (both powered by a small UPS battery backup). This way there are no mats or cables running across or over the finish line. After the last person leaves the start I copy the database on each machine to a jump drive, plug the jump drive into the finish line computer and use the "Import Chip Start Times" link available on the clock screen. As you import the times, the system will keep the newest chip start (last seen) time from each database. You can do all of this with a single reader and move it to the finish line after the start too.

  • Can the software time events other than running events?

    Yes, the software allows for custom divisions/categories and athlete types.

  • Is there more?

    Much More! Shoot us an email at or download the free trial and check it out yourself.

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