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Last Updated: 3/6/2024 3:39:18 PM
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*Limited to 30 finishers
*RFID interface disabled
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Current Prices & Features

  • System Overview (pdf)
  • *No required yearly fees!
  • *Free upgrades and support
  • *Free two month trial of the full RFID version
  • *The software is very easy to use and contains many unique features.
  • *You can use bib tags, mat antennas, and most any other UHF hardware that you prefer.

Compatible RFID Hardware

The software works with many different models from some of the most popular brands used as the heart of other timing systems (Impinj, Alien, Zebra (Motorola), Thinkify, ThingMagic, Sensthys and others), the difference is that we do not force you to buy the equipment from us at a really high markup. A full list of compatible equipment can be found in the Help/FAQ/Equipment report in the software. To make it easy, we have assembled the packages below based on what we believe provides the perfect mix of highest performance for the lowest price. These 'packages' are really meant to be a guide to show what all is needed for a complete timing system and how much each item would be if purchased from us. We can provide a quote that includes only the items that you need.

  • *Runs on a Windows operating system (or virtual Windows on a Mac)
  • FX7500 Package (Price: $2,775 – Designed for events where 2 or 3 finishers may be crossing side-by-side regularly)
  • FX9600 Package (Price: $3,175 – Best for large events, the package only shows 4 antennas since that easily covers most races, but you can hook up to 8 antennas if needed)
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  • Bibs
  • Inlays
  • Shoe Tags
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