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Our timers are passionate runners that truly enjoy being at the races and helping the event be a success. We would be happy for you to contact any race director we’ve ever worked with to see if our timer was friendly, professional, easy to work with, and if the invoice matched the quote we submitted.

Our services incorporate all of the things you would expect from a timing services company, as well as many extras that other companies cannot provide. We provide the bibs free of charge. Our finish line camera automatically takes a picture of every finisher when they cross the finish line (bring a memory stick to the event and we'll gladly give you a copy of all the photos taken by the system for free). All results are uploaded to an event website with no cost to you. We even email every finisher their individual results as well as information on where to view the entire race results, photos, and videos. We do all these little extras, plus more, free of charge. We also offer many “cool” features that the participants love to use – like the RFID enabled Results Kiosk that automatically prints their performance when they walk up and the RFID enabled photo booth that allows participants to take as many photos they want and then do an RFID scan to see who all is standing in front of the camera and then then emails those individuals the photos that were taken.

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[Even if we’re not available, or if your race is outside of our travel range, I have hundreds of customers/timers around the world using the new RFID system I developed. I would be happy to contact my closest customer(s) and see if they will match our pricing structure in exchange for the opportunity to time your race.]

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